General Release Update

Once again we’d like to thank all of you who are participating in our Swingcorder beta program. The program has been a huge success for us and, we hope, for those of you participating as well. The feedback we’ve received has been invaluable and we’re very pleased and proud of the quality of the beta code.

We had initially planned to offer a general availability (GA) release by now, but as a result of customer feedback, we’ve decided to delay GA of the new Swingcorder release in order to provide an important addition to the product. We believe many of you will be excited about this new addition, and although we’re not prepared to make a formal announcement, please do stay tuned.

Finally, because we’re pushing back the general availability date, we’ve also decided to reopen enrollment in the beta program. If you or anyone you know if is interested in participating, please contact our sales department so that we may welcome you into the beta program.

Again, thanks for your interest and the many contributions.

Well, folks, our Swingcorder beta program has been a huge success so far, both from a participation perspective and in terms of identifying areas that needed to be polished prior to release. In fact, we’ve now closed the program to new participants, but not to fear: we plan to provide a General Availability (GA) release within the next couple of months.

And speaking of the new release, it looks like we’re going to be able to include in the GA version support for a handful of additional look and feel implementations such as JGoodies (both Plastic and Windows), Napkin, Kunststoff, and Tiny. If you’re currently using — or wanting to use — one of these look and feels, be sure to download the latest beta version of Swingcorder and take advantage of the support for these that’s included.

And please do keep the feedback coming regarding the beta. It helps us to offer a better product and hopefully it helps you too by identifying areas that need improvement in the product.


We’re pleased to announce the beta release of our Swingcorder software. For some time now our consulting clients have enjoyed the benefits of our automated Swing UI testing tool, and now we’re offering it to everyone.

The name “Swingcorder” is a play on “camcorder”, because like a camcorder our software allows you to record and play back Swing application user actions, specifically mouse and keyboard input. To use Swingcorder you simply add a library to your Swing application and then use the UserSimulation class to simulate user input. We also offer an Eclipse plugin that provides an easy way to control recording and playback through your Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and we anticipate supporting other IDEs in the future.

Swingcorder’s API provides simple and intuitive methods that can be called, and supports the full set of Swing components. In addition to the powerful and easy-to-use API, Swingcorder offers has two features that make it especially useful:

  1. The generated code used to recreate user input is Java, so there’s no need to learn or use a special scripting language.
  2. Swingcorder “scripts” can be executed like any other Java code, making it easy to use them as part of a continuous integration (CI) process. More specifically, generated scripts are inherently thread-safe even though Swing itself isn’t.

We’d especially like to thank the customers who’ve agreed to beta test this new product, and we encourage you to invite others to join. For those customers accepted into our beta testing we’ll be offering Swingcorder at a discounted price once it’s generally available, which is currently anticipated to be in the third quarter of 2016. If you know someone who’s interested in participating in the beta testing, have them contact our sales team by sending an email to or by calling us at +1 (469) 888-8901.